Frequently Asked Questions
about Solar Fire Gold

1. Do I need to have Solar Fire already installed on my PC in order to install a new version or update of Solar Fire on my PC?

2. How do I get my old Solar Fire settings and charts onto my new PC once I've installed Solar Fire on it?

3. Can I run Solar Fire on my Mac?

4. I ordered Solar Fire from you. When will I get my download?

5. How can I learn more about how to use Solar Fire?

Upgrading to a new version of Solar Fire

When you purchase an upgrade to Solar Fire, you do not need to have the older version installed on your computer.

However, if you do have the old version on your PC, then when you upgrade, the new version will automatically import all (or most) of your settings from the previous version.

How to get your old settings to your new PC

To transfer your Solar Fire charts and settings from your old PC to a new one:

Backing up your charts and settings

First Step: Download the Astro Backup 3.0 program here.

(You can also watch a video about the program's operation here.)

Second Step: Install Astro Backup 3.0 and run it. The program's screen looks like this:

Third Step: Place a CD in your CD drive or a flash drive into a USB port on your PC. Then check the first box -- Burn CDRom -- if you want to burn a CD backup, or select the drive letter for the flash drive to back up to it.

Fourth Step: Click on the Backup button on the bottom right of the window to run the backup process.

Restoring your charts and settings to your new PC

To restore the charts and user settings files to a new PC, first install Solar Fire (and Astro Backup) onto your new PC.

Then place the CD or flash drive with the backup on it into the new PC, and run Astro Backup.

Check Restore (at the top of the screen).The program will guide you through the restore process.

Solar Fire on the Mac

Solar Fire Gold can only run on Apple computers (but not on iPads) once Windows is installed on them.

Many people do this, because Solar Fire Gold is so incredibly powerful and easy-to-use.

To run Solar Fire on your Mac, you will need to install Windows onto your Mac first. Most people also install the program Parallels too, before they install Windows, because it allows you to run both Mac and Windows programs at the same time on your Mac.

This article goes into great depth about how to run Solar Fire on your Mac.

Getting my download link

Once you have ordered Solar Fire via download from me, and sent me an email confirming the order, I immediately post the order with Astrolabe, who emails you your download link and unlock codes the same day.

However, because they are closed on weekends, you will only receive the download link during the week. Any orders that I receive in the afternoon on Fridays are unlikely to be processed by them until Monday.

How to learn more about Solar Fire

I have created two websites: and that are packed with information about Solar Fire.

They give you access to my written and video tutorials, a much more detailed program manual, reviews that cover all of the features of the program, and much more.

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