Samples of all of the Solar Fire interpretive reports

Many beginning and intermediate astrologers want interpretations along with charting built into their astrology software.

I am often asked about the quality of the reports internal to Solar Fire, and since people vary widely in what they like, I decided to help my readers decide for themselves by providing samples of all of the reports from Solar Fire.

Please look them over carefully to see if they meet your needs. (Like most astrology programs, the reports built into Solar Fire are shorter than those offered by add-on reports.)

Natal Reports

Basic Natal Report

Natal Report with Asteroids and other points included

Transit Reports

Transit Report with Exact Dates only

Full Transit Report

Progressed Report

Progressed Report

Solar Return Report

Solar Return report

Lunar Return Report

Lunar Return Report

Synastry (Compatibility) Report

Solar Fire Synastry Report

Firdaria Report

Firdaria Report

Midpoint Report

Midpoint Report

Degree Symbols Reports

Sabian Degree Meanings & Oracle report

Charubel Degree Meanings report

Relocation Report

Solar Maps Relocation Report
(built into Solar Fire)


Remember, you can purchase Solar Fire through me at the lowest price with many unique and valuable extras here.


Add-on Reports for Solar Fire

Remember that these reports, like Solar Fire, only run on Windows PCs and on Macs that have Windows installed on them.

Two different companies make reports that work with Solar Fire (and can also run by themselves):

1. Esoteric Technologies offers a series of reports here that can be run from within Solar Fire itself.


2. Astrolabe offers a report writing system that can read Solar Fire files and run reports. You can peruse these reports here.

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