Solar Writer Ordering

To purchase a Solar Writer report writer at the special sale price of only $190 for each report program, via download, please click on the following button:

You need to send me an email by clicking here indicating which report you ordered.

If the above email link doesn't work, please send me an email to: (or email me at with the name of the each report you are ordering.

To order multiple reports, then email me letting me know the reports that you want, and I can send you a PayPal invoice for the total cost.

Note: if you decide to order two Solar Writer reports, you are entitled to an added $10 discount per report.

If you order four or more reports, the discount jumps to $15 per report.

I will invoice you via PayPal, once you tell me what reports you want.


Information about the Solar Writer reports

The Solar Writer report programs were created by the authors of Solar Fire Gold, and are both standalone (you don't need any other astrology program to run them), and they can also run from within Solar Fire.

Most of the Solar Writer reports can be edited, and the actual sections of most reports can be turned on or off (so that you can customize the structure of each report to your liking), and you can both view and email reports to others in the PDF format.

Like many astrology programs, you can choose the planets used, the house system, change the aspect orbs, add your own compliments information, and choose between the True or Mean Node, and which Zodiac (Tropical or various Sidereal ayanamsha) to use.

But the customizing features go much further. You can choose the type of wheel (if any) that you want included in reports, turn illustrations (and other report items) on or off, and even control the font used in each section of the report.

The Solar Writer platform is easy to use and very well designed.


There are many different Solar Writer reports to choose from:

(clicking on any of their names will let you see a sample of each report)

Birth Chart Reports

Modern - Editable and Illustrated

Zodiac Child - Editable and Illustrated

Available in: Spanish, Norwegian and English!
Two languages for the price of one.

Goddess - Editable and Illustrated
The meaning of 10 asteroids in your chart

Angel - Editable and Illustrated

Specific Topics

My Pets - Editable and Illustrated

Fixed Stars

Money - Editable

Chiron - Editable

Vocation - Editable and Illustrated


Compatibility and Relationship Reports

Synastry - Editable and Illustrated

Star Matchmaker - Editable and Illustrated

Composite - Editable

Kindred Spirit - Editable and Illustrated

Predictive Reports

Dynamic - Editable and Illustrated

Solar Returns - Editable and Illustrated

Lunar Returns - Editable

Health Reports

Health and Wellbeing - Editable and Illustrated


Among my favorite Solar Writer reports are Synastry, Zodiac Child, Modern, Health and Wellbeing, Chiron, Goddess, and Fixed Stars, but if you click on any of their names, you will be able to see a full sample report and decide for yourself.

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